Be alert when you need to be.

Staying alert all the time is tough. Vigo can help.

In the blink of an eye.

Most of us know when we're drowsy, but 'microsleeps' can occur without any notice at all.

Quantify your alertness.

Vigo tracks your eyes and motion to track when you're your best - and when you're not.


Your Own Personal Energy Gauge

Your body gives off signs when you’re not alert. With an innovative algorithm that tracks patterns in your blinks and movement, Vigo knows you’re drowsy before you do.  

A Nudge When You Need It

Vigo can nudge you when you’re not your best in a number of ways. Choose between a soft pulsing vibration, a discrete LED light, or even your favorite pump-up song.

A Smart Way to Energize

Sometimes it takes more than a cup of coffee to be attentive. Vigo makes staying alert fun with recommendations about how and when you can change your routine to be your best.

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How Vigo works

Vigo tracks patterns in your blinks and in your movement to quantify how alert you are in real time. The idea is simple – although your brain has a tendency to trick you into thinking you’re mentally fit enough to keep pushing on with your daily business, your body can’t hide when you’re tired. With an infrared sensor, an accelerometer, and a clever algorithm, Vigo makes it easy to be alert when you need to be.

Vigo tracks your alertness over time

Vigo starts logging data about your alertness the moment you put the device on, and doesn’t stop until you take it off. The companion app visualizes the important information about your alertness in a simple, useful way to allow you to see patterns and make changes in your routine.

Vigo nudges you when you need it

Choose whether Vigo alerts you when you’ve been idle for too long or when you’re starting to doze off by controlling the sensitivity of the algorithm. And how does Vigo get your attention when it detects you’re not your best? That’s up to you. Choose between a vibration, a notification LED or your favorite song to help you re-focus and get back in the zone.

Vigo gives smart recommendations

Maybe you spend too much time sitting in one place, maybe you tend to get groggy early in the morning, or maybe you drive past too many exits on the road without taking a rest. Vigo finds the times you’re low on fuel and gives you ideas about ways you can change your routine to help you get in the zone faster, and stay in it longer.