• Can I wear Vigo with glasses?

    Yes, you certainly can! Vigo is built to work with glasses. Vigo’s sensor can sit just under the legs of glasses next to the lens.

  • Can I use Vigo as a headset?

    Yes, Vigo is a fully functional high quality headset featuring handsfree calls, music streaming, and noise cancellation.

  • Do I need a smartphone to use Vigo?

    A smartphone is required for Vigo’s drowsiness detection feature. iPhone 4S and above, and Android 6.0 and above are supported. Bluetooth audio functionality works for older phones.

  • Does Vigo get in the way of my eyes?

    Not at all. Vigo’s sensor sits to the bottom right of your eyes, and doesn’t block your vision at all.

  • I have Vigo but it keeps asking me to recalibrate. What can I do?

    That means the sensor isn’t positioned correctly to track your eyes. See the tips on positioning Vigo at this link.